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WikiCamps Australia is a great application. With it, you can easily find campsites, caravan parks, and backpacker hostels around the country. Plus, the app features user-generated content that helps you to decide where to go and what to do on your next camping trip! The Aus App Awards team will look at how this application came to be one of Australia’s greatest homegrown app successes.

WikiCamps Australia

Why WikiCamps is a great application:

1. WikiCamps is easy to use – just enter your camping location and the app does the rest (People have even said it’s the best thing you’ll spend money on while camping!)
2. WikiCamps includes all the information you need for each campsite, from facilities and amenities to GPS coordinates
3. The app has an offline mode, so you can still use it even if you’re out of cell range
4. You can find campsites near you or by your destination
5. WikiCamps is regularly updated with new information by a team of dedicated campers

If you’re looking for a great camping app that is both simple and easy to use, WikiCamps is the perfect option. With its intuitive GPS locating feature, you can easily find campsites near you or in any location around the globe. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that WikiCamps was made right here in Australia – bonus points for supporting local businesses! Are there any other Australian-made applications that you love? Reach out to us at the Australian App Awards Contact Page.

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